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Now it’s time to contact the owner of this potential vacant property. The thing that has proved to work best for me time and time again is the handwritten on a yellow legal pad note. The note will simply say:

Dear [insert seller’s name]
Hi, my name is Christopher Seder and I would like to purchase your property at 1234 Seller Lane.
Please call (555) 555-5555.

Put it in an invitation envelope (smaller envelope) and hand write the mailing address. I also like to sometimes put “return service requested” (ask the post office what to do). Return service requested means that if the owner has moved, your letter will be forwarded to them and they will send you their new mailing address.

Here’s an example of the post cards I send out:


I recommend that you send out a hand-written letter first, then if they do not respond, send out your postcard. Test them and see what works best for you, the other way around could be the better fit for your area.

If the sellers do not contact me from my letter or postcard, I then try to give them a call or doing some of the other strategies I’ll cover in the next section.

For most of my post cards, I’ll use Freedomsoft or Click2Mail. With these software’s, I can upload my list (here’s where the Excel spreadsheet comes in handy!), pick my mail piece, and then instantly send out direct mail postcards or letters. They cost somewhere around .67 per postcard and it’s money well spent.

As soon as you can afford to, look into purchasing Freedomsoft or Click2Mail to send all of your letters and postcards. This is an essential part of your real estate investing business.