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To run quick comps, I use the software Freedomsoft. If you have the chance, buy it! It’s helped automate my business in so many ways.

I also have MLS access because I have my real estate license, so this is my comp process:

1.    Do a quick search in the MLS

2.    Draw a circle ½ mile around the subject house

3.    Enter my search criteria (usually 3 bed, 2 bath, 1800+ square feet)

4.    Search for sold houses fitting this criteria in the last 90 days

5.    Pick 3-5 comps that are the best fit

6.    Print them out

After I print my comps, I usually do a Google map search of my subject property to see if I can get a street view of the property. Then I can see what the house looks like and get a feel for the neighborhood.

You should now have an idea of what your subject property is worth when in 100% condition.

Note:What your house is worth is what people are paying for it. Not what is listed. Always go off the sold comps. Current listings only show what other people are trying to sell their houses for or what a realtor thinks it’s worth.