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Sellers will most likely call you and say something like, “Hey, I saw your ad saying you buy houses?” or “Hi, I received a letter/postcard from you, how does this work?” I tell them that I buy a few houses every month for rentals and to fix-up and sell.

I let them know my process is simple – that I will ask them a few questions about the property and then determine what I could offer them for it.

Sometimes sellers will ask how I got their information and I always tell them I was driving around scoping out vacant houses. Then I write down the address and look them up on the tax assessor’s site.

Below you can download my Lead Sheet that I have created to walk through with each potential seller.

Click Here to Download Lead Sheet

Once you get through these questions, simply say “Thank you, I will run the numbers right now and get back to you soon with my offer.”

How easy is that??