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There are various different softwares you can purchase that will help you organize your business and generate leads.


This is another way to purchase lists. Realeflow is a company I founded that you can pay a monthly subscription fee for and offers ten different types lists you can export. It also offers an inbound marketing strategy that works for new and experienced investors to deliver leads and increase profit. You can get a free one year membership if you’re a student in one of our high-end coaching programs.


FreedomSoft is another software that is the self-proclaimed first-ever self-contained real estate buying and selling machine. It supplies sellers, gives you cash buyers, analyzes leads, tells you how much each is worth and what you should offer and reports on your business. You can sign up for a free on month trial.


FINDMotivatedSellersNOW is probably most consistent with the best data and lists other than USLeadLists. It is a software that allows you to search for the high equity, vacant properties  in your area and quickly send them direct mail without ever stuffing a single envelope yourself. It costs $1,495 up front and then $99 per year after that.

 Connected Investor 3.0

Connected Investor 3.0 is a software that allows you to connect with off-market properties, investors and funding. It costs $1,497 upfront to purchase.