Topic Progress:

Once you have found the areas that you want to focus on, you will want to start looking for vacant houses. But first, we need to know how to spot a vacant house.

Signs a house may be vacant:

  • Tall grass/weeds
  • Vacant slip in mail box
  • No cars in driveway
  • If snow on the ground, no tracks from cars or footprints
  • Notices taped to the door
  • Empty house
  • House is in disrepair
  • Utility shut off notices
  • Boarded up
  • Broken windows
  • Power or gas meter gone


From this point on, always be on the lookout for vacant houses. If a house looks vacant, stop and check it out. Knock on the door, and then peak in the window. I always leave a business card or a door hanger on the front door of the vacant house.

Who knows? Maybe a relative inherited the house and has just not gotten around the selling the property, yet. They see your “I Buy Houses” business card, and their prayers have been answered.