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Case Studies

Real Estate Investment Property Before & After

Rehab Project Case Study

6 Reasons We Get Private Money Upfront

Case Studies

~TJ Ward

~Sheila Lofton

~Sidney Morales


“I was able to secure over $300K from an investor using your guidelines, and that investor has 10 million, should he be satisfied…. great system well worth the money!!!”

~Michael R

Thank you Josh for your clear, concise and organized teaching!  You make everything so easy to understand. God Bless! All of this is way more than I expected!  A lot to digest and put into practice!  I appreciate everything so much, Josh, your classes are TOP NOTCH

~Andrea B

“Josh, this is flipping awesome!  I’d invest in your investment.” “

~Melissa B.

“I have been telling investors about self-directed IRA’s for a year now and have raised almost $500K. This system works!!”

~David W

“This is incredible stuff, Josh. Bless you!” “Incredible value for the price!”

~Michael W

“This really expands the horizons on finding properties to buy!” “

~Daniel J

“Josh is awesome…You will learn things every time you re-listen to the modules. I love this program, because it is for life! You will have it for life…I have had it since last year!”

~Connie S.

“I wish I could have attended this training last year before I lost my a** on a fix and flip. Subcontracting help was the problem.”

~David R

“I really appreciate the “forever” membership, WOW!!  I will do this with this excellent kind of support!!”

~Arlene W

“I must say you are an excellent teacher and I wish I knew you 2 years ago.”

~Audrey F

“Josh I’ve learned so much from your classes. Thank you so much. I will continue to learn and get it done.”

~Jeannie S

“Love you Josh, I will take action, action, action. Education without action is not knowing!!!

~George T

“Josh, the money spent with you will save me more than I could count”

~Todd M

“Josh, you have been HUGELY generous with your time and info.  You’ll never know how much it has been a blessing to study with you.  Thanks again, it’s been incredible! “

~George C

“Thanks Josh for everything you taught me, I really feel knowledgeable about what I am doing now!”

~Sheila B

“This is the best value of anything I have done.”

~Steve R

“Thanks for a great class!  I look forward to becoming a pro!”

~Kathryn P

“This training has been the most beneficial of all the training I have purchased over the years.”

~Ron K

“For what it’s worth, I’ve used Josh’s conversation starter line “I raise money for real estate deals…” with great success so far.” “

~Jeff D

“Great training Josh!  Thanks a lot, I’m excited to start soaring!!!Great training Josh!  Thanks a lot, I’m excited to start soaring!!!”

~Jeannie O

“Thanks for couple eye opening months!”

~Carlos H

“Worth every penny!”

~James M

“Fantastic Info. Thanks so much for sharing it.”

~Ben B

“You are irreplaceable, Josh!”

~Danna S

“So far I’ve raised just about $250K and now I’m working on another $350K.  This system is moving great”

~Patrick M

“I live about 80 miles south of you Josh. I’ve met you in person. I’ve been in your office. So, I know you are really doing this. No smoke!”

~Lyn S

“Bought the property on Tewksbury for $199,300. Sold for $350,000. Put $14,315 into the property in repairs, taxes, insurance, iPads, TV’s, etc. Paid investors at 5.5% ($12,650) for the $230,000 borrowed. Made $78,405 on the HUD plus the $16,000 left in my account that was not used for repairs for a TOTAL PROFIT of $94,409! You tell me if Josh’s coaching was worth it!”

~Kyle Garifo,
now SREC’s head coach!

“I must say I way a bit skeptical about your program, after signing up for so many others that omit critical pieces of information. But your course is the real deal, it covers so much, that I think I’m getting some information indigestion. However, I can live with that, and look forward to scoring some big successes with your coaching.”

~Roy L