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From the desk of distinguished Real Estate Investor and Coach, Josh Cantwell…

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing more frustrating than stressing over lack of deals…bad deals…stalled deals…or lost deals—

Especially when working your butt off—

And yet, still struggling to make the kind of money you know is possible investing in real estate.

So, if you’re still:

Unsure how to get started…
Flying by the seat of your pants…
Making mere chump change…

Well, today, I’ve got a Special Offer GUARANTEED to change the game for you. And I promise, you can make it happen in 1 Month Or LESS!

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I’m giving you EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to Accelerated Investor Pro (AI Pro)—a members-only resource detailing every one of my Accelerated Business Growth Strategies—for a full 30 days virtually free of charge to use in your business…

And ALL for Seven Measly Dollars!

As an AI Pro member, you get unrestricted access to the same step-by-step “executions plans”—checklists, tutorials, guides, SOPs, and “cheat sheets”—my team and I use every day in my seven businesses to build enormous wealth!

So no matter what aspect of your real estate investing business you’re working on—

Whether it’s generating seller leads, writing offers, rehabbing, attracting buyers, doing closings, tracking results, working with contractors, raising capital, and more—

All you’ve got to do is grab the right execution plan and you’ll know exactly what to do to get the same predictable and lucrative results my students and I get month after month.



With these detailed instructions, I take you by the hand and walk you through the steps for flawless and profitable execution of literally every task involved in successfully flipping investment properties.

I couldn’t have made it any easier!

In fact, after applying these proven methods exactly as outlined, many of my coaching clients tell me they get an immediate and explosive boost in their business.

Now, you too have an opportunity to duplicate this same success. Because I’m giving you the exact blueprints and step by step checklists needed to stop spinning your wheels once and for all…

And start making the kind of money you expect when investing in real estate.

Regular Price: $97

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You see, most real estate “gurus” today spend ALL their time teaching theory. They don’t actually practice what they preach. So chances are, they’re showing you what worked years ago—even decades ago—rather than what’s working today, in real time! How do I know?

Our new students tell us this all the time.

They come to me looking for systems already proven to work. Because they don’t have time to figure it out on their own.

That’s the beauty of operating a REAL investing business that quick-turns HUGE deals every month AND

… a REAL real estate brokerage agency staffed with REAL realtors who generate HUGE commissions every month!

See, we work the same systems we teach…day after day, month after month. So I know they work! And, if I found a way to make one of our execution plans even better, I’d quickly “tweak” it and immediately pass that game-changing information along to all my Elite members of AI Pro.

As an AI Pro member, you too can discover EXACTLY what works…and what doesn’t when…

I reveal what types of marketing to spend your time on…where to go to get the highest-performing lead-gen lists available anywhere…and give you my proven templates to ensure you get tons of new leads…
I show you how to pick only those homes with LOTS of equity. Now, you’ll know ahead of time whether a property is a good deal or not, so you’ll never overpay for a property…struggle to re-sell a home…or waste valuable time on crappy properties—EVER again!
I show you how to tap into an unlimited supply of “unconventional” funding…so you’ll never, EVER be held back by your credit or beg for a bank loan ever again. Instead, you’ll get private lenders knocking down your door, begging YOU to take their money (I’m NOT kidding!)…
I make rehabbing properties a piece of cake! You’ll never feel the need to fund your own fixes…or pick up a hammer yourself…or fret over shoddy, expensive home rehabs. Instead, you’ll outsource renovations to reliable and reputable contractors that “nail” it every time…
I show you step-by-step how to sell a new property on the open market. In fact, I’ll give you a precise formula that helps you attract lucrative offers within hours instead of days and gets buyers to gladly pay full asking price without all the stress of back and forth negotiations.
And much, MUCH more!

As you can see, these “insider” secrets to real estate investing are easily worth tens of thousands of dollars in profits, month after month.

And if you’re the kind of entrepreneur driven to build great personal wealth…grow a retirement income…set up a trust fund for your kids…or help others less fortunate…then there’s no limit to what you can do as a member of AI Pro.

Because, You Get My Entire Vault Full Of Systems And Processes proven to make more money every time you put them to work in your own business.

And now, I giving you the keys to this “vault”…Without Risking Anything!

All you have to do is pay 7 bucks…getting instant access to Accelerated Investor Pro (AI Pro)…and test-drive it for the next 30 days!

That’s right…it’s THAT easy!

You get instant, unrestricted access to my most comprehensive training for making the most money in the shortest amount of time investing in real estate.

In fact, AI Pro was designed to be…

Your Ultimate Real Estate Investing Shortcut

Doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to real estate…or a veteran investor trying to explode your business. I made my step-by-step elite training easy to understand…easy to implement…and easy to track YOUR profits!

But even better…

I’ve figured out a way to shortcut your road to success even more!

As an AI Pro member, I give you exclusive access to our “LIVE” Monthly Training Sessions. Here’s where you get our newest cutting-edge strategies, market updates, and answers to our members’ frequently asked questions…LONG BEFORE they ever get published to our regular subscribers.

Plus, you can attend “LIVE” Weekly Sessions with my ENTIRE staff where you eavesdrop in as we talk “shop” and answer more of your most burning questions on the spot! It’s your own personal “Office Hours” meant to help you leave no stone unturned.

And we don’t quit until you’re completely satisfied you “get it.”

So what are you waiting for?

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Look, I know what you’re thinking…

Why only 7 bucks? What’s the catch?

Well, truth is, human nature suggests we’re ALL more motivated to succeed if we have a little skin in the game. So I want you to “feel” invested while trying us out for a month.

But more importantly…I want you to MAKE MONEY. Because when you do, I know you’ll realize how piddly our normal fee actually is in comparison to what you can profit month after month.

Then, you’ll see it as an “investment” rather than a “cost.”

So go ahead. Give AI Pro a try! You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole future to gain!

You Get it ALL

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Let These Proven Multi-Million Dollar Strategies Work For YOU!

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I fully understand that I pay just $7 today for access to the programs detailed above, plus I get a 30-days free access into the ”Accelerated Invester Pro”.
I further understand that I will be billed $97.00 each month after my 30-days trial period for continued access to Accelerated Investor Pro if I do not cancel membership within the 30-day trial period.
I understand canceling is easy by contacting my Client Loyalty Team at 1-877-811-3011 or
I have read and agreed to the above terms.

Get 30 Days of AI Pro Access For Just $7

To YOUR Success,

Josh Cantwell

P.S. Membership to Accelerated Investor Pro (AI Pro)… **With unrestricted access to the entire Execution Plan Library…the “LIVE” Monthly Trainings…and the “LIVE” Weekly Office Hours** …may be the best $7 you’ve ever invested! But you’ve got to enroll now to find out.

P.P.S. But fair warning…this is one of our strongest promotional offers and because of the steep discount for a one-month trial membership, it may not be available for long! So sign up now!

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