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“I’ll PERSONALLY Guide You Through The
Proven 5-Step Process Designed To: Generate Your First BIG Profit Flip Within The Next 60 Days!

(Save 66% As An Exclusive ONE Flip “Charter Member!” Easy Payment Plans Below!)

Here’s What You Get Inside The ONE Flip Coaching, Mentoring, And Partnership Program:

  • 5 FULL Weeks Of One Flip Coaching – 10 action-packed coaching classes breaking down ALL 5 steps of the ONE Flip system into EASILY actionableinstructions. Carefully designed to grant you the SIMPLICITY and CLARITY you need to generate your first life-changing BIG profit flip… within the next 60 days! ($2997 Value!)
  • “Deal Or No Deal” Profit Evaluation Coaching – My team and I will evaluate ALL your deals for you… ensuring you ONLY move forward on offers that ASSURE you a healthy profit. This allows you to safely and confidently pursue BIG profit flips… WITHOUT anyfear of making a costly mistake. (PRICELESS)
  • “Done For You” Invisible Bank Funding – As long as you follow my instructions for finding deals… and all the numbers match up… I will LITERALLY partner with you…and fund your deal FOR you… using my PRIVATE line of Invisible Bank Funding! So now you can close deals and collect checks FAST, without worrying about where your funding is coming from! (PRICELESS)
  • Unlimited Email And Phone Access To My Entire Team Of Expert Coaches – Any roadblocks you run into… removed FOR you… because the answers you seek are always easily accessible. (PRICELESS)
  • Access To Our Private, “Dealmakers Only” Facebook Group – This is a PRIVATE mastermind group filled with action-takers who are out there doing deals RIGHT NOW… using the 5-step ONE Flip process. Ask questions. Get answers. Get inspired. Stay connected to the cutting edge of WHAT’S WORKING NOW. Plus… enjoy unscheduled Q&A with our experts coaches, who consistently “pop in.” (PRICELESS)
  • The “Accountable Contractor” Care Package – This powerful resource guide gives you all the tools to ensure your projects stay on time and on budget. This protects you from getting ripped off by dishonest contractors… and helps you avoid any frustrating delays that eat into investor’s profits. Includes: “How To Hire A Contractor Guide.” Point-And-Clock Repair Estimator Software ($997 Value)
  • High-ROI Remodeling Guide – This special “cheat sheet” outlines all the best “bang for your buck” improvements that add 5…10… 20X value to your property for every dollar invested. The simple fixes in this guide can literally help add tens of thousands of dollars to your per-deal profit. ($497 Value)
  • A-Player Investor Hot Seat Interview Series – In this exclusive interview series, I grill my most successful 6-and-7 figure students… and reveal EXACTLY what they’re doing to crush it with the ONE Flip system. ($297 Value)
  • Money Mastery Mindset Quick-Start Coaching Class – Before diving into the nuts and bolts of the program, I’ll help remove your limiting beliefs about money… and install the mental software required for seamless wealth attraction. (Priceless)
  • “Triple Play Profits” Alternate Exit Masterclass – The MOST profitable method of flipping houses… period! During this BONUS coaching class, I walk you through a little-known strategy that allows you get paid 3 different ways on each flip. (I average 60K-80K each time I do one of these deals.)
  • The “Optimized Lifestyle Design” Time Freedom Masterclass – In this PRICELESS Bonus class, I’ll show you how to utilize the ONE Flip System to build the custom lifestyle of YOUR dreams. YOU choose where/when/how much you want to work. I’ll show you how to make your business work FOR you… WITHOUT stealing all your free time! (PRICELESS)
  • And several other “surprise” perks designed to help you close your first life-changing BIG profit deal… as quickly as possible!

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You’re protected by our 30 Day “FULL CLARITY” 100% money back guarantee. Test ONE Flip for 30 days… attend our coaching classes… and gain FULL clarity over how simple it is to get these BIG profit deals done. You must be completely blown away by the value you receive, or contact me for a full refund.

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